Our New Look!

We have had a makeover! Our interiors have been re-designed, giving us a younger and modern new look.

Adorning the walls of Launceston Place are a series of bespoke artworks from leading contemporary artists, carefully curated by Amar Gallery to complement the ambience of the refurbished restaurant space. Inspired by the creative flair of Head Chef Ben Murphy and his menu, the collection combines figurative expression with peaceful minimalism, providing visual assurance to the unique culinary experience on offer.

But that’s not all: We’re also introducing our Summer menu with new dishes by Head Chef Ben Murphy such as Octopus | Chorizo | Chicken Wing,  Butternut Squash| Granola | Verbena and Burnt Lemon | Poppyseed | Meringue.

For more information or to book a place email launcestonplace@danddlondon.com or call 020 7937 6912.